Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Effective communication is the key to success for any business. From our office staff, to our field technicians, it is vital to us to always keep our clients up-to-date with the status of their project. Our policy at Live Wire is we handle every client with care, quality and trust. It is our goal to establish relationships with every client no matter how large or small a project is.

We understand fully that your time is of extreme value. We are committed to meeting deadlines and married to punctuality. You will never have to worry about waiting around for our trained technicians. Time is money, and we promise to never waste a drop of yours.

Electrical Services With Safety In Mind

Most of our services are classified, or rather structured depending on the nature of the construction-whether it’s new construction, or you’re already using the building. Even though some of the electrical services might overlap in both scenarios, it’s important that you consult Windfall Electrical when commencing a new construction so that they can lay the electrical foundation and safety features right from the ground.

Remodeling Electrical Systems

A professional electrician from Windfall will mean the difference in achieving your goals in cost-efficient and timely way.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting entails placing decorative fixtures directly into the ceiling, fitting flush with the ceiling. Although it can be done on a completed house, it’s best done during construction. A professional electrician from Windfall will mean the difference in achieving your goals in cost-efficient and timely way. The electrician will protect the existing system while adding a touch of glamour to the new system. Also, remodeling will ensure the safety, and efficiency of the entire household.

We are here to provide all of your electrical solutions.

Our values come first and we ensure that they are reflected in the work we do and how we operate as a company.
Our culture is the foundation upon which we build strong relationships with customers, employees, and our community. SME Inc of Seattle is honored to have received several notable recognitions that embody our company culture and we strive to continue our commitment to excellence in these areas. We set ourselves aside from alternative electrical companies due to our commitment to building strong business and propelling our relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on reliability, trust, safe work ethics and quality workmanship.

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