Signs You May Need an Electrician

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Even if you don’t plan on doing any DIY electrical projects, it’s important to understand your home’s electrical capacity. At windfall Electrical, we believe in not only providing exceptional electrical services in the Huntersville area, but also equipping our customers with the knowledge and resources to maintain electrical safety in their homes.

While understanding the electrical capacity in your home may sound complex, it’s actually a rather straightforward concept. It’s also an important safety factor.

Consider Electrical Fires

Running modern appliances and pushing your panel and electrical system past maximum capacity are two common causes of electrical fires. If you ignore the signs that you’re at maximum capacity and continue using your appliances and other electrical products as you have been, your home may be at risk.

Faulty Light Switch

If there is one particular light bulb or series of light bulbs controlled by the same switch that tend to flicker frequently, this could be a sign of a faulty light switch. If it’s not replaced, the switch can overheat and cause an electrical fire, so stop using a faulty switch immediately until it can be repaired or replaced.

While a 100 amp panel may work for basic electrical needs, we recommend a panel of at least 200 amps for maximum efficiency and electrical capacity. A 200 amp panel not only ensures that your electrical systems can draw enough power, but it also doesn’t limit you when it comes to appliance upgrades and additions like a lower-rated panel would.

Your home’s electrical capacity is something that every homeowner should know. From safety concerns to upgrading appliances, knowing how much your home can handle plays a vital role in the life of a homeowner. Check out our electrical panel replacement services for more information on why an updated electrical panel is so important. If you’re unsure of how much your home can handle or you’re planning a large project for your home, be sure to give the team at Livewire Electrical a call today to schedule an electrical inspection and one on one consultation.

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